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Natural Skincare at Every Age

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When it comes to choosing the right skincare routine for your needs, so many factors come into play, such as your skin type, where you live and what season it is.

But beyond these daily concerns, there’s one skincare habit that’s sure to encourage healthier, more glowing skin: choosing natural. While there was a time when going the natural route meant less choice, we’re happy to report that this is no longer true. In fact, clean beauty is bursting with plant-based and active ingredients with proven benefits for kick-starting healthy skin. 

Need some help making adjustments to your daily regimen? Read on for natural skincare game plans you can start any time, no matter at what age. 

Natural Skincare in Your 20s

Whether you’re just starting to implement a skincare routine or you’re a seasoned expert, your 20s are the perfect time to lay a foundation for good habits. Get started with these tips to cleanse, nourish and moisturize your skin:

If you haven’t already, switch from conventional skincare products to organic, plant-based swaps. Start with the basics: a pH-balanced cleanser, which helps promote a healthier skin barrier function and a thriving skin microbiome. Second comes a moisturizer with hydrating plant oils and an exfoliant without microbeads or synthetic polymer particles, which are harmful for the environment. And finally, pick your sunscreen made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide rather than a conventional formula, as these ingredients allow the sunscreen to lie on top of your skin, preventing absorption.

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Natural Skincare in Your 30s

In your 30s, introduce active ingredients into your skincare routine to delay the appearance of fine lines and age spots. Along with your basics, you can benefit from adding a serum and eye cream to the mix.

Which ingredients should you look for? Find a serum fortified with antioxidant vitamin C (or L-ascorbic acid) and free radical-fighting vitamin E (tocopherols). The synergistic antioxidant power of vitamins C and E has been shown in clinical studies.

In your eye cream, look for hyaluronic acid to naturally plump and provide hydration. Hyaluronic acid is a key molecule in skin moisture and has the ability to bind and retain water molecules for better hydration and reduced photo-aging.

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Natural Skincare in Your 40s

Your 40s is when you’ll typically start to see fine lines and wrinkles with some hints of sun damage like hyperpigmentation. Conditions like rosacea might pop up and overall symptoms of underlying imbalance, such as hormonal acne and pre-menopausal dryness, might suddenly worsen.

For those reasons, while your 40s are a great time to whip out your “anti-aging” arsenal, focus instead on regenerating and balancing ingredients like enzymes and probiotics in your products. Probiotics in skincare products have been shown to act as a protective shield for the skin while also decreasing inflammation.

Natural Skincare in Your 50s

When your 50s roll around, you may notice a drop in collagen and elastin due to lower estrogen levels. This may cause fine lines, wrinkles and thinning skin. Your focus is to improve your skin’s firmness and texture.

Crow’s feet and a parched complexion call for a hydration boost, so swap your usual moisturizer for a richer version. Add hydrating face masks to your routine — like this rosehip oil face mask that we’ll show you how to make in this video:

Natural Skincare in Your 60s and Beyond

Combat dryness and lacklustre skin by supporting cell turnover rate with ingredients like peptides. You can also rejuvenate and plump the skin with serums enriched with coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol), which fights free radicals and increases antioxidant capacity. Dab your eye cream on the tips of the mouth and along forehead lines. Lastly, as your skin might be more reactive and sensitive, go fragrance-free.

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Your skincare needs may change over time but there are skincare tips that never grow old. No matter what age, applying mineral-based sunscreen on the regular, choosing organic, and opting for formulas bursting with beneficial ingredients like plant oils and antioxidants are sure-fire ways to promote a healthy glow for years to come.

Visit the natural beauty section at your local CHFA Member health food store for the best selection of holistic skincare essentials.

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