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launchpad chfa west 2020

Here at the HBN Headquarters we are busy gearing up for CHFA West, a trade show that we host for the industry featuring the latest and greatest in natural health products, organics, specialty foods, health and beauty, sports nutrition and so much more.

Many companies launch new products and brands at this show and health food retailers walk the aisles to look for exciting and innovative products which you will be able to purchase at their stores soon after the show.

To give you a sneak peek of some of the products that will be launching at the show we wanted to share our eight CHFA Launch Pad finalists. CHFA Launch Pad is a contest happening at CHFA West that will give the below products the opportunity to contend against each other to a panel of judges in a “Dragon’s Den” style competition. Which one would you pick as the winner?

LavaRox Immuno-Biotic
Advanced Orthomolecular Research LavaRox Immuno-Biotic

LavaRoxTM Oral-Biotic an innovative (and fun!) delivery form of a clinically tested probiotic developed to support children’s oral health and immunity.

Aeryon Wellness Reset

This formula was designed with the intention to help women coming off the birth control pill and balance hormones post hormone therapy or hormone replacement therapy.

CauliPOP Snack Food Inc.
CauliPOP Snack Food Inc. CauliPOP

A new innovation of freeze dried cauliflower snacks that give you the same satisfaction as popcorn and other crunchy snack foods. It is grain free and low carb, paleo and keto.

Plant based spreads
kitskitchen health foods inc. Plant based spreads

A vegetable based, nut-free/seed-free, dairy-free spread. All ingredients sourced in Canada.

Level Up Superfoods Inc
Level Up Superfoods Inc Level Up Superfood Coffee Mix

The only coffee creamer on the market that is made from real virgin coconut oil, sugar-free, sweetener-free and free of “natural” flavorings.

Mme L'Ovary Inc.
Mme L’Ovary Inc. Menstrual Underwear

Menstrual underwear that comes with 3 removable pads and a transportation bag, bringing a concrete solution to allow women to experience much more comfortable and ecological menstruation.

Sacred Foods
Sacred Foods Popped Lotus Seeds

Inspired by an old recipe passed down for generations in my family, our lotus seeds are popped under high-heat pressure, roasted with olive oil and seasoned with spices/flavourings. High in protein and low in calories/fat, non-GMO, gluten-free.

Thirsty Naturals
VitaCup Lightning Blend Ground Coffee (10 oz)

We are first to market by infusing vitamins and superfoods (Nootropics, 2X Caffeine and Vitamins) in ground coffee for use in standard drip brewers, french press and pour over formats.

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